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Monday, October 31, 2011
  • Hour 1:
    Murky allegations against Herman Cain
    Murky allegations against Herman Cain

    Politico quoted "anonymous sources" in an article alleging that Herman Cain sexually harassed female employees when he was chairman of the National Restaurant Association. Only defenders of Cain are actually named in the story. Will this story end up being a Halloween "trick" that will lead to Cain's demise, or a "treat" if the allegations are unfounded and conservatives rally behind him?

    Laura talks with former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee about the attacks on Herman Cain's character and whether another Republican campaign could be behind this planted story.

  • Hour 2:
    She didn't start the fire...
    She didn't start the fire...

    A small fire in the building where Laura does the show forces her to relocate. As she travels to the back up studio, her recent interview with Senator Jim DeMint is replayed.

    Then: Back on the air live, Laura talks with Senator Joe Lieberman about the Herman Cain controversy, the state of the Democratic party he once belonged to, and his staunch defense of Mitt Romney's faith.

  • Hour 3:
    Fighting corruption in the White House
    Fighting corruption in the White House

    Mitt Romney's flip flopping has recently become an issue yet again after a new spate of apparent back-and-forths. George Will and Brit Hume both said Romney has flopped too much. Are they right, and has Mitt's flip-flopping prevented you from supporting him?

    Then: Laura talks with Rep. Cliff Stearns, Florida Republican, about his investigation into the White House's involvement with the Energy Department's loan to the failed green energy firm Solyndra.

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